What is a Challenge Group? FAQ’s

What is a Challenge Group?

My challenge groups focus on helping women achieve their fitness goals. As a coach at Beachbody, I encourage beachbody fitness programs such as Insanity, 21 Day Fix, P90X and Shakeology NOT because they are the only way to lose weight,  but because they worked so well for me and many others. I tried to do my own thing for a long time and it wasn’t working. I’m definitely not yet a fitness expert, but I have researched a lot of programs and nutrition plans and I feel that this is something I can stand behind.

Do you make money as a coach?
Yes, I make some commission on each order, but that is not the reason I became a coach. I already have a job that I love and I’m not a salesperson.
I became a coach so I could get a 25% discount on a supplement that I use and order every month.
I am not required to sell or encourage this product to get my discount, but I do encourage and use it in my challenge groups because I feel responsible to share what I’ve learned  with others.
What can I  expect from a Challenge Group?
Each member is added to a closed Facebook group of members participating in the same challenge.  We will have a pre-season where I will coach you on how to prepare meals ahead of time, post recipes, answer questions and share tips I’ve learned.
We will kick off on start day and post pictures of our sweaty faces or work out poses,  to prove that we are exercising (not mandatory ;-)), drinking our water,  Shakeology and sticking with our meal plan.  We will weigh in and take measurements and photos (you don’t have to share) weekly to track our progress. I will coach you all the way through your scheduled days.
It’s all about accountability and camaraderie.
Throughout the process I will be encouraging you, answering questions and doing the challenge right along side you and you will be encouraging each other.I will have friends that have past challengers sharing their stories and their victories–people I have worked along side.
This is not  a place where people are figuring out what they are going to do, talking about what they should  do or what they can’t  do.  This is a group where people are actively pushing towards achieving of their own goals.
Go to my “contact” page if you’d like to participate in our next challenge group or if you have more questions.

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