Health & Fitness

When was the last time you set time aside to take care of yourself? Last year, month, or week? Yesterday? Being a full time mommy of a toddler, a part time working mom and a pastor’s wife, I’ve frequently uttered softly the words, “What about ME?”

Those of you who follow have read about the ways our souls are restored. As a Christian, I know my Savior is the only one who can give me true, restoring rest for my weary soul.

I also know that as a woman that seeks to serve others, I easily fall into believing a lie that I am being selfish in the few moments I’ve allotted to care for myself.


Yes, as a new mommy, I’ve had to be creative and intentional about how I spent time alone. I have to communicate with my husband ways I need help and I’ve had to get up early to go to the gym or out for coffee on a Saturday morning.

So, you see there are sacrifices involved.

However, my husband and daughter would agree that momma is so much happier and focused when this time is allotted.

Need accountability? So do I! Join one of my challenge groups to see what Faith and Fitness is all about!




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