The Challenge for Me in 2014

I’m up early this morning taking some time to work on…me. Yep, me.

When was the last time you set time aside for yourself? Last year, month, or week? Yesterday? Being a full time mommy of a toddler, a part time working mom and a pastor’s wife, I’ve frequently softly muttered the words, “What about me?

Those of you who follow have read about the ways our souls are restored. As a Christian, I know my Savior is the only one who can give me true, restoring rest for my weary soul.

I also know that as a woman that seeks to serve others, I easily fall into believing a lie that I am being selfish in the few moments I’ve allotted to care for myself.


Yes, as a new mommy, I’ve had to be creative and intentional about how I spent time alone. I have to communicate with my husband ways I need help and I’ve had to get up early to go to the gym or out for coffee on a Saturday morning.

So, you see there are sacrifices involved.

However, my husband and daughter would agree that momma is so much happier and focused when this time is allotted.

I missed throw back Thursday, so here’s a shout out to what I like to call “Sentimental Saturday”

This was me, two summers ago.


I weighed in at 140 lbs in this photo. Two months post-pregnancy, at which point I weighed in at 170 pounds. (My pre-pregnancy weight was 115). Ouch.

I am smiling in this photo, but I hated that it was being taken. HATED in every sense of the word.

I hated the fact that I was in a swimming suit to begin with and as I passed a mirror later that day, I burst into tears wondering if I would ever feel confident in my body again.

Over the next month and year, I diligently ran and lifted weights every chance I got. (It helps to have a supportive husband who gets giddy about teaching people how to lift.)

But as fall rolled around, there were still clothes I considered tossing because I was losing hope that my body would ever be the same. I tried a few diets specifically promising to help me lose “that last couple of inches” and found that I had NO ENERGY to continue. (They clearly weren’t designed for the momma of a toddler). I started praying that God would guide me to the right resources because I was at a complete loss for what to do.

In October, a friend who had a baby around Afton’s age approached me and asked if I would like to join her fitness challenge group. I had seen her drop her baby weight quickly and had been wondering what her secret was. I was delighted that she was willing to share it with me and eagerly asked more questions. In November, I joined her and was able to lose the last 7 pounds of weight I was aiming toward without feeling like I was sacrificing energy.

I actually had more energy than I’ve had since pregnancy and I developed a deep desire to share with other mommas who wonder if their bodies will ever be the same.

I constantly had friends asking me what I was doing, and since most people in my church didn’t really know me prior to pregnancy, they were really confused 😉

I needed to write this post today for two reasons:

#1, This blog is about documenting God’s faithfulness in my life, and losing baby weight is one of the ways God has shown me favor. The glory belongs to Him!

#2, It wasn’t easy.

I don’t care how quickly you think it went or how high my metabolism “must” be (it’s not), I worked hard and I wouldn’t have been able to finish without the help of a girl friend, who instead of quietly rejoicing in her own victories, took it upon herself to reach out and encourage me toward the same goal. Friendship like that is a gift.

#3, I love food.

And that’s ok, God gave us food, yummy food, that we can enjoy….but I need on-going accountability because-back to the fast metabolism thing-turns out, it’s slow as molasses. (Somethings don’t go back to normal I guess). I also need accountability  to love and honor God above my love for food.

Just being honest here! Sometimes when I break it down, turns out this is a problem!

For reason #3, I’m reaching out.

Winter is the hardest time to be healthy.

When it gets dark early and it’s too cold to be active outside, all I want to do is curl up with a snack, a blanket and Gilmore Girls,  but I know by the time spring rolls around and I want to wear one of those cute arm-bearing sundresses I’ve packed away, I’m going to regret the sedentary life-style I’ve grown accustom to.

I’m taking names now to sign up for my January challenge group and no matter where you live, you’re invited to participate. We will encourage each other through what we learn, scripture and prayer.

Message me on Facebook or email me at for details. We can do this together!

XOXO Autumn




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