“I promise to be silly with you…”

I recently attended a wedding in which this was read as part of the vows. It was perfectly suitable for the couple who recited it as they keep it real in every sense of the phrase. Every aspect of their wedding had their desire for authenticity written all over it. I loved that about them.

A theme of our adventure, in addition to silliness being very close to the center and yes, obviously our Lord and Savior who above all teaches us how to love each other- is adventure. Without the sense of adventure that both of us have promised to keep at the center of our mindset, we  may not have survived some of the roughest storms that have threatened our ship so far. 

This weekend we celebrated our 4 year anniversary. I’m actually not going to say that it went fast. By no stretch of the imagination has it felt like “forever” but it has been a packed 4 years. I will spare you a re-cap of our lives together, since we recently found ourselves processing that with friends from high school that stayed with us- but I will say that God has brought us through a lot and it’s been a joy to grow and learn through the many difficult and trying experiences that we’ve faced. Some of them have been written about here, and most have not. The joys certainly have been shared. I’m convinced that Letters to Afton must hold both as an example and constant reminder of the sin we bring into the world as humans and His redeeming love that constantly rescues and reassures. Only God could create such a beautiful picture of this in marriage. 

Tonight I’m thankful for the good times together, one of the highlights being sweet Afton, but I can honestly say that I’m also thankful for the heartache we’ve both experienced along the journey thus far. Heartaches that no one else but he and I experienced which has only drawn us closer to each other and to the Lord. It’s the combination of both the sunny skies and the rain that create adventure and I’m loving ours.

Here are some shots of our most recent adventures in honor of our 4 years together! 




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