Party Party Party

We spent this entire week recovering from the business of last week. Last Wednesday morning John left  to spend the weak speaking at a retreat in Wisconsin. On Wednesday afternoon, my mom came to watch Afton so I could go to work for a few hours that afternoon then head to my my 11th grade girls end of the year party. We partied with gluten free pizza luce, delightful gluten and dairy free cookies and gf and df ice cream that one of my girls’ mom’s made! Amazingly delicious. The majority of my girls are gluten and dairy free so by now, we know how to party sans gluten and dairy!

Thursday was going to be my cleaning day to prepare for the weekend, but because I have the sweetest momma, I hardly had to dust. It still amazes me that she is able to clean so quickly when it seems to take me the entire week to get my house in order,…for a day. My housekeeping skills aside, it was lovely to have a day with Afton just to relax. We went grocery shopping and watched a storm roll in then prayed that we would make it home as we were caught in a terrible rainstorm. We did and didn’t venture out after that other than to get the mail- the chore I always struggle to remember when John is away. 

Thursday evening my dearest friend Nadine and her two daughters arrived around 10pm from Iowa. On Friday, I had to run to work for a bit so Nadine graciously watched Afton with her two girls until I returned to get ready for a mutual friends wedding. The wedding took place at a beautiful farmstead just miles from our home in Cottage Grove called Hope Glenn. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been to in a long time. Unfortunately, it was a bit chilly so Afton and I ran home before dinner to add leggings and fleece jackets to our outfits, but after we were cozy, the remainder of the evening was mostly delightful. We reunited with old friends from college, John’s home town and snuggled new babies. It was just lovely. That evening rekindled my love of weddings for the way they bring friends together. John stayed late to dance and catch up with friends in the barn as did my friend since dear Kennedy just couldn’t wait to dance her heart out and could have danced all night. I’m told I missed some pretty sweet moves from both of them.

Saturday morning we took slow, drinking coffee and playing with the girls on the floor. It was so fun to watch Afton interact with Kennedy and Georgia. Unfortunately, she cried every time Georgia cried, but thankfully the later rarely did. We’re not sure if it was out of concern or irritation. We had planned to hit up the annual and ever popular Woodbury garage sales but after some thought about the energy garage sale-ing would entail with three littles in tow, we packed a picnic for a walk at Carver Park instead. 




I wish these dear friends lived closer. I love that Kennedy talks about Afton with her friends in Iowa and I love that Afton squeals with delight and says, “Hi! Hi! Hi!” when we called yesterday to Skype with them during lunch time. 

Saturday evening held a birthday party for our 7 year old niece Collette. Speaking of time being a funny thing, it is strange to think that shortly after I met John, Nadine and I both remember him sharing with our group of friends that his niece had been born, Collette. It’s strange to think I’ve known his family for 7 years! I remember babysitting sweet little Collette when she was smaller than my Afton. How time flies. Now dear Collette is passing on beloved toys to Afton who is simply delighted with her new blocks, I might add. 

Sunday morning our friend’s departed, and I enjoyed my first Mother’s Day morning at church with my sweet girl. Last year, I admit, I stayed home unwilling to hear one more comment about how I was “still pregnant.” Overdue and just plain ornery. I’m not proud of that. I am proud of the gift my husband gave me last year anyway, though completely undeserved. A lovely necklace of Afton’s beautiful name. One of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever received. This year I wore my Mother’s Day earrings and my Origami Owl locket from my momma. 

Afton’s party was scheduled for 3pm but we were lucky to spend a little time alone with my maternal grandparents, Nana and Papa. I was so blessed by how Afton loved on them as if she remembered them from Christmas time. What a relief when your child shows love to those that you love rather than uncertainty or fear. She does the same with my paternal grandparents and it just blesses me so much to see.

Afton’s party was so special- maybe more for me than for her. Watching your loved ones delight in your child is such a gift! On top of that, they brought her some really thoughtful gifts that she is really enjoying. I personally, am enjoying some of the new books added to her library. She just loves to be read to and it’s nice to read rather than simply recite. 

She opened each gift very slowly as she was easily distracted by another, then by the tissue paper of the other. Eventually, not without a little help from 6 year old cousin Sam, all of the presents were opened. 

Cake was had and eaten (whatever that means!). Afton had a small portion and of course she enjoyed it. John was pleased that he had his way. If it were up to me, she still would not know the sweet taste of refined sugar because she would have eaten kiwi instead, but now she knows and what’s done is done 😉 I will admit, it was oddly fun to watch her smear it all over face.

Videos were taken but I’ll spare you those for now since I’d like to edit them down to a clip…when I have time. Meanwhile, my to do list involves a photo book of her first year- since my slide show was great, but much too long 🙂 

Needless to say, it was a very busy weekend but we wouldn’t trade any of it . We surveyed the “damage” and smiled because we were blessed with precious time with precious people. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage






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