Last Easter:



This Easter:


We spent Easter in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. It was a trip long overdue. We hadn’t visited Wisconsin since Christmas, which felt extremely odd to me since in the past, I was able to travel quite a bit more- pre-baby and pre-job which requires me/us to be around on the weekends 🙂 John has been here and there quite a bit with various trips/ retreats he has led, but I was like a puppy with it’s face out the window for most of the trip. “John, look! They built a new__ there! And look at the beautiful [insert beloved landmark that means we’re getting closer to hometown].” 

I was so thankful that God answered my prayers for warm spring time like weather. On Thursday evening we arrived in Black River, handed over the grand baby and snuck out during a game of peek a boo to head to an over night in La Crosse. As we were driving and were just a few hours behind schedule, we asked each other if we still wanted to go. “It’s getting late…” one of us began. Then we realized how old we had become as it was only 7:30 at night. We grabbed coffee and continued as planned! 

We arrived in La Crosse and checked into our hotel around 9pm and went to dinner! As we left the hotel, we again, realized how old and boring we had become when John asked if I “just want to go to Applebees.” He said he was joking when I looked at him with the look of “just because we’re parents doesn’t mean we automatically have to have a pb and j lifestyle!” 

So we wondered around downtown for awhile trying to find a place where we would blend in. No such luck 😉 The place John originally found online was NOT what he thought it was (funny story) and everywhere else just didn’t feel like us. 

Truth be told- we ended up at [cringe] Applebees. “John: I guess that’s why they call it the neighborhood bar and grill!” In Omaha, we weren’t afraid to try something new and we NEVER would have set foot in a  chain restaurant. But there we were 🙂 And you know what? It was wonderful. 

On Friday we enjoyed what parents call “sleeping in” until about 7:30 when I instinctively sat up and asked if Afton was awake 🙂 Coffee, a beautiful walk outside and some shopping. Everything about Friday was good. We enjoyed the beautiful drive to Black River from La Crosse with the music up and the windows down. 


On Saturday we went hiking at a few favorite parks. We started out visiting a place my parents discovered down the road with old indian carvings and a beautiful frozen waterfall! Then, because that was too short to qualify as a “hike” in our family book, we went to Perry Creek- a beautiful park that John had never been to and also the place I was baptized as a kid. 




On Sunday we ate well. My momma is such a good cook! Yummy ham, sweet potatoes, garlic sautéed green beans. I’m having trouble remembering the rest but it was soooo good! We left with our tummies and our hearts full! 



When we got back to MN it was so warm out that we felt we just had to soak up as much sunshine and fresh air as possibly so we went for another walk. Afton was so tuckered out when we got home she plopped down on the floor, waved “night – night” and closed her eyes 🙂 


He is Risen! Praise the Lord. We are so blessed to serve the Living God!



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