11 Months-Remembering

I watched a segment of the MTV show, “16 and Pregnant” today at an Adoption training. It involved a couple’s story of pregnancy, birth and adoption. I know this, but I have to say again- parents that place for adoption are some of  the most selfless people I have ever met. They are beautiful, loving, strong women and men who want the very best for the babies, even if it means their own sacrifice. 

Birth itself, let alone the carrying of a child for nine months, is so emotional. Watching the birth brought tears to my eyes for so many reasons- I believe the main reason was that the parents whose story MTV was following were not going to have the joy of holding that baby whenever they wanted. To bond with that baby and watch her grow every day. 

Watching the birth and remembering that moment when I welcomed sweet Afton into the world also brought on the water works. 


The way she looked.

The strange way it felt to suddenly have the kicking feet that had been busy for months on the inside now pushing their way up my body on the outside. 

Her sweet, alert, open eyes staring intensely into my face with every glance her weak neck allowed her to take. She was persistent.

That sweet smell of a tiny newborn baby head of beautiful black hair.

That warm little body asleep on me unaware of the room full of people waiting to meet her and willing her to open her eyes.

That joy every time I got to hold her and pick her up…ok, not every time- there were times I cried because I wanted her to go back to sleep. 😉 

“What’s her name?”

“Afton Rose.”

She. is. lovely. 

She. is. captivating.

She is my 11 month old princess.


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