Spring Time

At the Park

We are LOVING the warm weather that has finally come to Minnesota. Spring has been just as busy as the rest of the year has been, but we are learning to enjoy the moments we have as a family! Two weeks ago, when the first warmer weather hit, we decided to head to the zoo. John and I loved going to the zoo pre-baby, but we have an even better excuse now and we couldn’t wait any longer.

Showing baby Afton the monkeys was by far the high light of the trip. She insisted on standing with her hands on the glass until one came over and did the same thing, DIRECTLY across the glass from her. That seemed to make her a bit nervous. She did, however taunt them a bit (laugh at them) when she was in the safety of daddy’s arms. 😉

We have also been enjoying multiple trips to the park down the street. Afton sure is happy to be outside!


102_6287 102_6281 102_6277 102_6272 102_6305 102_6304 102_6299 102_6294 102_6293

We just can’t be near her without giving kisses. She is so precious and sweet.


Playing inside is fine too….

102_6343 102_6342 102_6333

Now that she is cruising, there is still so much to explore!

102_6330 102_6366 102_6365 102_6364 102_6354


But…outside is better 🙂

102_6373 102_6372  102_6370





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