Days 7, 8, 9 & 10

The rest of the time without Johnny went pretty quickly as I was working and because my mom was able to stay with us for the remainder of the week until day 9. Day 9 was the Saturday before John was scheduled to arrive home. The friday before, my mom, Afton and I had taken a fun shopping trip after work. My mom planned ahead for this and made sure Afton got a little extra cat nap so she’d be ready for staying up a bit past her bed time. She seems to always do well shopping. We had a great time and my mom was able to find some cute things for her trip to WA this spring for Garrett’s graduation! Later that night we both cheated on our diets and ordered a PIZZA way too late at night while we watched good old “You’ve Got Mail.” We giggled about the dial up internet and the way Meg Ryan walks. It was a regular old slumber party 🙂

Day 9, Afton and I went to the Library and she played while I drank coffee. I was so saddened when the little cafe closed at Central Park this winter because it was such a fun outing for us/ me. Before Afton really cared about going out, it was a nice way to get out of the house, grab a book and have coffee while she was contained in the stroller. Still is, but now she enjoys it too! I try to get to the Library about once a week (otherwise I forget to return books). Afton is starting to enjoy playing in the kids play area upstairs (though I have to hold my breath and pray that she won’t pick up any other nasty viruses while scooting along on a public floor with other kiddos I know nothing about.). I try though. Clearly McDonald’s play land will be my worst nightmare! My child may not even know that it exists. What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her, right? And before anyone tells me that eating food off the floor built their child’s immunities or “once you have the second one you’ll loosen up” …please…don’t. 🙂 I’ve heard this and I’m just not sure that’s the way she needs to build up immunities. Also, maybe I will because I don’t have time, energy or enough hands to worry about it but right now I do so let me have my own way of doing things and call me a germ freak if you like. 🙂

Day 10: Went to church, went to gym, had lunch, took a nap and welcomed Daddy home! Afton squealed with delight upon his entrance and kept hugging him the rest of the night. John decided to take off work on Monday to try to recover from his nasty cold. Afton still went to Kid’s Day Out and I went to work. Tuesday we spent the morning as a family 🙂

It’s so wonderful to have him home!




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