Afton at 10 Months

Cannot believe this happened. It’s taken awhile to talk about it since my baby is now only 2 Months away from turning 1! I’m very emotional these days whenever I think of it…or when I see a baby smaller than her. (Yes, I do have baby fever and yes, of course we’d love to have another baby. The answer to when is, its in God’s hands I promise to tell you when he decides the time is right.) Can you tell I’ve been asked that a time or two? For those to whom I’ve awkwardly stammered, there is my well thought out answer. 🙂
Here is Afton at 10 months!

Favorite food- Kiwi!
Favorite Toy– Shoes. The child has a shoe fettish- she enjoys eating people’s shoes. If that won’t build her immunities to illness- and my growth in the area of “germ freak-ness” –for lack of a better term– I don’t know what will. Ick. The other day I slipped on my shoe only to find that it was wet with drool and- BONUS- some spit up.

But, since this doesn’t count as a toy- since I try to hide shoes for said reasons- she seems to be discovering her stuffed animals and dolls more these days. She gives her baby glow worm kisses and talks to her stuffed giraffe quite a bit. It’s fun to watch and listen!

Favorite Past Time– We’re pretty sure its reading, though she hasn’t specifically said so. She crawls over with books and plops into our laps regularly. We read before naps and before bed and throughout the day. She enjoys reading- hence so many trips to the Library! We can only handle so much of “Are You a Cow” and “Panda Bear, Panda Bear What Do You See” and “Barney Goes to the Zoo”- which by the way- Barny Publishing clearly needs to step it up. How did this slip though?


Oops! C’mon Barney. I expected more from you 😉

Words she says: Mama, Mom, Dada, All Done (Aaaa DA!), More (MMMMa) and Yes (SSSS while shaking head.)

Tricks and Skills she’s learning: High five, listening when mommy or daddy say “No no” or “ah ah”,  pulling herself up on everything in sight and walking around and around  while holding on, playing the piano while holding herself up on the bench and reaching all the way up…and singing.

Loud and proud.

Sometimes this ritual becomes more exciting than she can bear and she screams (not annoying kind of scream) just a very passionate sort of singsongy excited throaty…sound.

At any rate, it doesn’t sound like screaming to me because her face is so full of joy while she is doing it I have to imagine she thinks she’s singing. Also, since the only other time she makes these types of (but less passionate )sounds are in church 🙂


Other things include the kissing sound and (adorable) fishy face to go along with it. She eats mostly table food now with her fingers, is experimenting with the spoon and loves her sippy cup and big girl water bottle.

Still cloth diapering, and its going fine. I cannot recommend highly enough the cloth diaper flushable liners. They make our life so much easier and they seem to last forever.

We are starting to think about fun gifts/toys to get Afton for her first birthday.

What are your favorite things for a 1 year old?



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