Spring Break (Days 5, 6 & 7)

We hit the half way point of our 10 days away from Johnny and so far we’re surviving! Afton misses him and so do I but we’ve had a few opportunities to Skype. I wish I had taken some pictures off of my mom’s memory card before she left capturing Afton talking to her Daddy on Skype. So precious! I will have to add them later.

Day 5- We laid low and spent most of the day at home trying to recover. My parents left early that morning for work and Afton and I enjoyed “sleeping in” (that means getting up at 7) and having breakfast without a rush to get anywhere. We read books, played with toys, practiced walking and making animal sounds. By the end of the day on Tuesday I think I had my appetite back and ate some fruit. 

Day 6- Nani returns to Afton’s excitement! (Mine too, though I didn’t squeal as loudly when she walked into the house as Afton did! She literally screamed in excitement and pure joy. So sweet. Nani came around lunch time on Wednesday and I went to work at 1. It was a productive day, though I had to play catch up from Monday but sometimes the busier you are the more you accomplish- in my case anyway. It seems I work better under pressure. On Wednesday night and Thursday it was my mom’s turn to catch up on work (since she graciously took most of her week to watch Afton so I could work!). So, on Day 6 Afton and I left for most of the morning so as not to be a distraction and to meet our friends Amy and Gracie at Ikea BECAUSE it’s half way- it seemed slightly cooler than being mall walkers and I am discovering more and more that Ikea is kind of the place to be when you have a kiddo. Usually I prefer target, but moms with small babes blend in so well at Ikea. Turns out that around noon at Ikea almost everyone has 1 or 2 kiddos having lunch and no body gawks at each others babies. The only looks we give each other are the smiles that say “Aw, how ya doing? I totally get it. Time to get out of the house again. I wonder how long mine will last before they fall asleep or lose it. Enjoy your little moment of peace.” 

You have to read between the lines, but I’m sure I could find quite a few soul mates at Ikea. No longer is the quiet coffee shop my refuge. My refuge is the crowded place where no one notices two  bumbling women with strollers that they still aren’t quite sure how to handle , trying to harness one child into an ergo while rocking the other to sleep with a free foot. 

This is my life. And I love it. More than that, I love sharing it with my sweet friend  Amy Grace. I’ve blogged about Amy on several occasions.  Amy and I started sharing life in college when we worked in women’s ministry and had neighboring apartments. Then I had the privilege of working with her for a year at New Life followed by the joy of pregnancy together. And now, we have the fun of play dates- the dates we plan pretending our children are best friends that can’t wait to get together when in all reality this is what we do:Image



And THIS is how our children look at us:




As you can see, we had a lovely time with our friends Amy and Gracie. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Afton’s Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Buselmeier. It was so good to see them. We have been wanting to visit but every time I try someone in our family is sick and I just haven’t wanted to bring any illness to them. Our visit was wonderful. Afton was her fun self and entertained everyone.

[I will have to add some pictures that mom took here.]

That night my sweet momma, who took a break from work to have fun with us, worked into the wee hours of the night and  still watched Afton the next day- Friday all.day. long. I don’t know how she did it and I’m so grateful.

Afton has finally started to show signs of anxiety when we leave her. I say “finally” not because I wanted this to happen- but because I kept dreading it knowing it would rip my heart out when it did and wanting to  get it over with. Suddenly she wakes up in the night in a panic stands up and cries for me to come into the room. I’ve been waiting for a bit, going in, lying her back down and rubbing her back. This has been happening 3 or 4 times these last few nights. I can’t imagine staying up to work when I struggle to function just by having my sleep interrupted. And I can’t go on here without noting that my sweet cousin lives and breathes this schedule as a midwife working late nights, early mornings and both AND being a mommy to her sweet  5 month old boy.

SO beautiful and SO selfless.

I look up to and love both of these women so much and pray for God to grant them sweet rest in the days to come.


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