Spring Break (Days 3 & 4)


There aren’t a lot of other photos to capture days 3 and 4, although I did consider photographing the scale to prove that after nearly 10 months I’m finally down to my pre-pregnancy weight…thanks to yet another flu bug that attacked me Monday morning =/

Afton seems to be surviving. The worst she has are diarrhea diapers- doesn’t do much for my queasy stomach. She seems o.k.  health wise. We are, however, experiencing the interesting effects  daylight savings time  can have on a baby! I had no idea what a difference one hour could make!

I am beginning to see how much I love (maybe a little too much) our routine— now that it has a giant question mark next to it. =-(

I’m hoping we are able to adjust and there will once again be order in this home. I don’t doubt that a significant contributor to my disgruntled babe is teething and the fact that her daddy is away. I literally cannot say the word “daddy” without her looking at the door and starting to whimper.

It kills me.

I haven’t decided whether or not to tell John this. It will either inflate or deflate his heart. Probably both. At the same time. Sounds risky…

So here’s the breakdown of days 3 and 4- My parents came- spoiled Afton like crazy. Spoiled me like crazy. Cooked things, cleaned things, fixed things..etc. etc.

More than I love routine, I love being spoiled by my momma and daddy. On Monday morning they planned to watch Afton for the day while I was at work, cook me dinner upon my arrival home, and head back to Wisconsin. But on Monday morning, I came down with a stomach bug, went to work anyway, found out what a bad idea that was 3 hours in, came home and went to bed. God was so good to me ensuring my parents would be here to care for baby girl so I could rest.I don’t always understand God’s ways , but I sure do love the way he provides in the midst of things!

Some highlights of our time together were:

1) taking the same walk I took with my dad while timing contractions last spring and thinking about all God has done in our lives since and 2) watching my dad play guitar while my mom sang and Afton squealing with delight and “singing” along.

My parents left early this morning to get to work on time. I am so thankful my mom will be coming back to spend the remainder of the week with us and watch Afton while I work Wednesday afternoon and Friday.


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