Spring Break (Day 1)


Remember when Spring Break meant something to you? Those were the days. Now it means that my hubby gets to go on a trip to Texas (for missions of course) for 10 days and I get to wonder why in the world I started working 😉 

But guess who has spring break this year. Afton. No day care for her for 10 days either! So I’ve decided, even though we aren’t going some place warm for spring break, we are most certainly going to have fun every day.

Day 1- After John left, Afton and I went home so she could nap before I went to the gym. Rather than napping, however, she decided to prove that she can in fact stand up all by herself in her crib!


That was exciting since I’ve been watching to see if she will do it for months! 


She got quite a kick out of jumping in her crib, looking at me through the slats. 

When we got home from the gym, Daddy and the kids on the bus skype called us to read Afton her favorite bedtime story: “Are You a Cow?” It was a lovely group reading- the students gave selflessly. Some even took a break from their scripted read through of Monte Python and the Holy Grail. 🙂

 After putting Afton to bed, I finished my Skype date with John from his seat on the bus toilet. He said it was the only place it was quiet enough to hear me.

Then I packed our bags and got situated for my work day. (I didn’t say I had a spring break!)

I made lunches for both of us and packed bags for Mama Bear and Baby Bear!


I laid everything out for the morning so we would be able to get up, have breakfast and  hit the road to avoid traffic and have plenty of time for me to drop her off with her (great)  Aunt Tracy. 

Afton had a wonderful time with Aunt Tracy and Britta! Up until now, Nani (my mom) is the only one who can make Afton belly laugh as hard as she does. I can certainly make her laugh- but its more of a courtesy laugh compared to the giggles Nani gets from simply looking at her! 

Tracy apparently has this “gift” too. Moments after leaving, I called and Afton was already giggling hysterically. 🙂 Must be something in the Kodes genes!

After work we had dinner and yummy cupcakes with Aunt Tracy, Britta and Uncle Tim! Now we are safely home tucked in to cozy beds. John and the team are safely in Texas. 

Not bad for a day without Daddy! 



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