Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On!

On February 14th- we celebrated Afton’s 9th month outside of the womb. What a strange phenomenon. She has now been outside of me longer than I carried her.


I have to say, these past 9 months flew by a lot faster than the first in utero.

This girl is SO. MUCH. FUN.

When I’m with her, I really ,truly don’t want to be anywhere else but watching her learn new things, grasp things in her fingers, learn to eat by herself and now, try to walk.

It was less than a month ago she learned to crawl on her own- which opened up a whole new world for her. She now realizes, “Hey, if I can crawl, I can probably stand, and if I can stand, I can probably walk!”

There are  days when I go into her room after her nap and she just looks older. And there are mornings when I pick her up from her crib and she carries on conversation with me with words and sounds that I’m sure she must have learned overnight.

Her hair is long enough to get into two pigtails, though I still prefer the Cindy Loo-Hoo middle pony with a bow.

She wore real blue jeans for the first time this month (rather than the usual, skinny jeggings).Once. Because they are not easy to put on or crawl in. She was, however, in them long enough for me to take this photo:

Lord Have Mercy! Baby's got her bluejeans on!
Lord Have Mercy! Baby’s got her bluejeans on!

Fer pete’s sake. Totally worth it!

She now says “Ma-Ma…ma ma ma ma…” whenever she wants something.

And, to be fair, she says, “Da-Da” too.

This time of year is extremely busy in the youth ministry department and John has been putting in a lot of hours on planning the summer events, youth retreats, current events, ski club chaperoning, preaching sermons and the upcoming Texas trip which will take place 10 days over spring break. One night, as I was putting Afton to bed- a simple routine that consists of a diaper change, a long hug, and into the crib she goes- she kept sitting up and looking at the door.

It was really starting to creep me out because she was looking at her bedroom door like someone had just walked in. Finally she shook her head back and forth (this is also a new adorable thing that she does) and said “Da-Da-da-Da.”

Oh, my heart. She is used to daddy coming in every night to tuck her in  and was waiting for him . John’s heart turned to mush pretty quickly when I called to tell him that story. He was home shortly after that 😉

There have been lots of runny noses this month which have kept Afton home on Fridays (the day that I had previously been watching some other kiddos in Minneapolis. John has loved it because of the time he gets to spend with Afton and has nearly begged me not to take her with just so he can have his “daddy/daughter ” days.

9 months is also a landmark for me in terms of being a stay at home mom. I left my job shortly after Afton was born because I did not want to work full time. However, starting this coming Monday, I will be returning to my old place of work in a new position that will be 20 hours a week. I’m looking forward to this new opportunity, mostly because it is a job  that I  couldn’t be more passionate about. Click here for previous posts regarding this topic. The fact that I’m passionate about working here and the way that God opened the door to go back again are really the only way I have the grace to put off being solely a Stay at Home Mom until God wills it.

Though previously, uncomfortable with this role, in the last nine months God has taught me contentment and the given me the most amazing joy in watching Afton grow. I am so glad that I didn’t lean on my own understanding and go back to work part time any earlier! But, as soon as I begin to get comfortable with something, historically, that’s when God moves me to step out in faith and follow His lead. He is leading me back to work part time, and I am excited about being in His will.

Happy Nine Months to our princess! We love watching you grow!


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