Oops…You’re Late

Afton 8 mo

WordPress keeps emailing me and telling me I’m past due to post something- yes I’ve resorted to reminders since my posts have become so few and far between. If I had nothing else to do, I would write as much as possible. But then I suppose I would have nothing to write about. 

Little update on our little family life: Last week Afton turned 8 months…and started crawling (very quickly)…and started trying to stand up without holding onto anything. She also waved goodbye to a nice older woman in the store that literally stalked us up and down the isles talking over my shoulder to Afton as we shopped. Love that. She also acquired her first owie when she crawled into the wall. If anyone has ever doubted that she is my daughter- now we all know. Only a Buselmeier could be so randomly accident prone.

Autumn started working for a friend of the family as a part time nanny two days a week- Afton comes along. 

Afton started learning how to share.

Afton started  wearing an amber bead teething necklace because teething  has become quite a grievous process for everyone involved and we were willing to try ANYTHING natural. I might find out in a few years that it was all a hoax but I think 20 dollars was well spent because it seems to be helping. 

John’s youth group had its first  service  in the Upper Room- the 8 1/2 month church building project  for the Family Ministry Center is now complete! 

As of today, we have no hot water for some reason- so I boiled water on the stove to wash my face and will not shower today. If worse comes to worse I might pull out my box of perfume bottles and take a bohemian bath (sorry if that is offensive. I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be, but I actually have no idea where that phrase comes from). As inconvenient as I pretended it was to boil water to wash our faces, John read me like a book when he said “Don’t act like you’re not enjoying this, you Laura-Ingalls-Wanna-Be. Bah. I was born in the wrong era. 




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