To Be Determined

You may have noticed that I have re named our blog…sort of. While I’ve never been a fan of the original title “The A-Team”, in the early years of this blog, it summed up what I wrote about- our family (the A’s) and I’ve always thought of John and I as a team. We are buddies and we married not because we felt that marriage is better than being single or necessarily God’s plan for everyone, but because we felt that we worked better together and that our gifts complimented each others. We felt we made a good team in our common goal of living each day here on earth for Christ. So on June 26, 2010, we became teammates. 

But this blog is often about more than just our family- although lately, I realize Afton’s face has taken up most of the blogs. I invision this blog containing insights that I/ we have processed through on ministry, marriage, parenting, and homemaking. But, we’ll see what comes of that. For now it is to be determined. 



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