Snow Day

Snow Day

I usually don’t blog this often but my kid just keeps doing these really adorable things and I don’t want to be the person who posts pictures every day on Facebook and the camera on my phone is low quality so instagram is out of the question…that leaves me no other choice than to post pictures on my blog with a link for you to view more to your heart’s content:-)

I had high hopes of leaving the house to finish some christmas shopping, but with the snowy weather I decided to wait it out a bit and enjoy some time at home looking at the snow with my baby. She was so thrilled with all the fluffy white stuff it ripped a small piece of my heart out when she cried because I took her away from the window to go put her down for a nap. She must be a minnesota girl and her daddy’s daughter 🙂 He gets almost as giddy when he sees snow. Only a few more years and she’ll be ready to hit the slopes with him!


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