Sweet Seven Months

Sweet Seven Months

Last year at this time we were days away from finding out what our baby would be – baby Lewis or baby Afton. I was convinced that I had a baby boy inside of me rolling around. A very energetic little boy. I could barely concentrate on anything work related as I counted down the hours to my appointment.

I drove through a winter wonderland downtown St. Paul to get to my appointment. John was on his way from Woodbury and I was driving from Richfield. I excitedly told the receptionist that I was waiting for him and asked if I could wait a few more minutes. She didn’t look like she cared one way or another of course but I of course assumed that the world shared in my excitement of my child’s sex being revealed in moments!

John arrived as the technician was getting me ready. I had him to bring me orange juice hoping the sugar would keep “him” active so that we could see all angles necessary. He came in asking if he was too late and eagerly handing me my orange juice. 🙂

As we told the uninterested tech our life story she nonchalantly commented on our active [adorable, perfect] baby’s activity. As she took pictures and measurements I proudly distinguished what we were looking at and shared these things with John checking with her to make sure I was correct. (Perks of nurse friends wanting to practice sonography on pregnant friends 🙂

I saw what I believed to be the infamous “three lines” but could not believe that it could be a girl so I said…”is that the…” and she said, “Yep, its a girl.”
“Are you sure? Maybe we could see better at a different angle?”

To which John said: “Honey, it looks like a person sitting on a photo copier. That is NOT a boy.”

I stared in disbelief than looked at my husband who was staring at me with a giddy adorable face so close to clapping his hands for joy that I think he actually may have.

And that was the day we found out that we were having a little princess.

Today we went over to our neighbors/friends/family photographers since October and took some photos of our sweet seven month old princess. It’s amazing how much she has changed since they took our photos in October. She smiles and laughs so easily and to our embarrassment began posing and performing all the more once she saw the camera =-S. You would think that would have made it easier to take photos, but she became so excited it was difficult to capture the smiles amidst the excited flailing and laughing. She may have also been on the border of nap time which means her antics are extra drawn out as we enter the over tired phase.

Never the less, we had fun! Thanks Mark and Lindsay!

Things she learned this month:

How to crawl backwards- there was one day she crawled forward but in all her/our excitement it seems she may have forgotten how.

How to say “Hi”. –it’s hard to pinpoint when she actually said hi because she has been greeting people for a long time. Over the past few weeks the pronunciation has become more defined to where it is unmistakable that she is in fact saying “hi.” She has no concept of stranger danger at this point which is ok since she can’t wait yet. She loves crowds especially when she is the center of attention. John’s office christmas party was the highlight of her week I think.

Temper Tantrums- not terrible but a distinct reaction to things she is not fond of. Her car seat is an object of distain but once she is buckled in she is fine. The “tantrum” only lasts for about 10 seconds but its as loud and dramatic she gets. So hard not to laugh knowing that she is completely fine, just irritated.

Green beans: Green beans are a new food introduced this week. The girl loves food so there has never been a tantrum linked to it, but one of the most hilarious things has been watching her excitedly eat the food off the spoon only to make a face of disgust while trying to swallow it. She clearly hates the stuff but has never once spewed it from her mouth and immediately opens it for another bite as soon as it is gone. Praying this is a sign of a non-picky eater!

I tried to post a video of this fun thing but as soon as I turned on the camera and set it down on the counter she went into performance mode. Note, there was no one behind the camera and I have no idea how she knew it was on but she stopped everything she was doing to look at it.

She is the funniest kid I’ve ever met. We laugh a lot. I’ll post some videos in the next entry.


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