When Daddy’s away…

A couple of monumental events to note- Afton is now taking 2 naps a day which means they are (finally) longer-Praise the Lord. This mama got to not only sleep during the first hour of Afton’s nap but now gets to spend a little personal time. It’s also the first time that John has been away and we’ve stayed here alone- rather than hightailing it to my parents house for the time he’s gone.

My parents came this weekend- so great to have them spend the night Sunday night after church so John and I could go to small group alone. Made us feel so couple-y. Monday morning John left for a trip Monday-Wednesday  and my parents wouldn’t leave until they knew I was on my way out the door to “have fun.” My sweet friend Amy lives across the cities (about 50 min. door to door) and we make it a goal to visit  once a month if possible. Her friendship is so precious to me as we have shared so many great memories over the years. Amy and her husband Chris literally prayed us back  to Minnesota.We walked through college together,pregnancy together, worked together and now enjoy the most amazing gift of two little girls (Afton and Grace) together. Last year, when John was on a missions trip with the youth, Amy and her husband graciously invited me to stay a night at their place. Since Chris was at his night class, we made a girls night out of it and it was so fun- felt like “the college days.”  When I found out John would be gone, I thought it would be a good time to visit! Amy invited us to stay over so without further ado , Afton’s first slumber party: 



I’m not sure how to add captions to each of these but enjoy adding your own.:-)

Tuesday was survived by a mint mocha, a lot of pain killers for the thing I don’t miss not having during pregnancy and a surprise visit from my Aunt Barby. Afton enjoyed snuggles and I enjoyed grown up talk. Toward the end of her visit she mentioned that my Aunt Brynny (who I rarely get to see) was in town and asked if we would like to come for dinner. Unfortunately the later it is the harder it is for Afton but I didn’t know when she would have the chance to meet her Aunt Brynny so we went! Although she wasn’t her most pleasant self, Afton did learn that she has an awesome cousin who I keep accidentally referring to as “Uncle” Cole. Even in her confusion as to why she was out past her bedtime she couldn’t help but enjoy his company. (No pictures due to dead camera battery. Sorry! ) Thankfully I brought her jammies and her Great-Uncle Johnny was kind enough to warm up the car for us so all I needed to do was put her directly to bed when we got home. 

Though I feel quite pleased with the fact that we have  survived the small amount of time he was away, prayers are still (always) welcomed for us when he travels!  (for his safety and my sanity 🙂 

In other news, Afton will be a whopping SIX MONTHS tomorrow! 

I can’t believe it either. 




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