Snapshot of October 31, 13

Snapshot of October 31, 13

We had a fun night at our church’s event “Trunk or Treat.” It involved dressing up our cars/ trunks and passing out candy. Last year we used our larger car to make it a toaster which proved to be a lot of work. This year we decided to save ourselves some work and make the smaller car into a shark (Noah’s Ark theme). Afton was a pea pod and John was a “fisherman” whom everyone confused as a hipster. I enjoyed this. Later I dressed up as a burrito with my girl Kayla for 2 dollar burritos. We both missed the memo that you can go as as anything so there we are decked out in tin foil just like the college days. We are old farts who remember the days when you could go to Chipotle on Halloween and get a FREE burrito.


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