As I sit down to write after a loooooonnnnngggg day, I’m realizing that a screen shot of my lap top would probably sum up a lot of whats been going on lately. We have a page up of flights, a map of mexico, a lesson plan, and Psalm 42.

Flights and Mexico

John and I were asked a few weeks ago by some friends of ours if we would consider traveling to Mexico with them early this spring. Of course we both LOVED the idea but the thought of leaving Afton was/ still is still one that introduces anxiety. However, after talking to my mom about the option of leaving Afton with them (she will be a year old) I have more peace about the idea than before. John will have been on a missions trip prior to our trip and when he comes home we will have a few days as a family, hopefully drop Afton off at my parents and head to Mexico. Love the idea, love the people we’d be going with…hate the thought of leaving my Affie. (Deep breath). BUT it’s a while away. A lot can change! Meanwhile, we are really committed to making this work 🙂 We didn’t quite make the baby moon but by george we might make up for it. And honestly, I’ll probably feel a lot better than I would have traveling while pregnant. (Pregnancy was not a fun ride for this mama. )

John also just bought a plane ticket to Spokane to spend a week with Garrett over Thanksgiving so Afton and I will be heading to Black River Falls for T-day and Johnny will be enjoying the day with Garrett and Missy. I’m sad that Afton and I won’t be joining John on this trip but I know that they will have a lot of fun together and John is the only one who hasn’t had yet been able to visit Garrett. (John sent me to visit him two years ago in the fall and we rock climbed beautiful cliffs together!! One of the most wonderful memories I have! Click here for that story. ) I hope John’s trip is as wonderful a memory as mine!

Lesson Plan

I may have mentioned that I’ve been substitute teaching at our church’s school (New Life Academy). There are a few things that make this a great idea (getting to ride to work with the hubster, have lunch with the hubster, ride home with the hubster and rub shoulders with some lovely teachers and aides to name a few) and a few things that make this a not-so-great idea (student 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to name a few.) By golly, by 3 o’clock in Mrs. B’s Kindergarten class  my voice was hoarse, my feet and head hurt and I missed my baby girl. Thankfully, being so busy kept me from noticing how much I missed her until I got in the car to go home. Then I missed her bad and may have shed a few tears on the 7 minute drive home in eagerness to see her. Man I love her. She’s the best. Rarely do I get the greeting that she saves for her daddy when he comes home. She usually is a bit owly by 3 or 4 as she anticipates John’s arrival but when he walks in the door that frown is quickly replaced by the widest grin and crinkled nose snorty giggle. If I were him that wold be the best part of my whole day. Today he was kind enough to let me walk through the door first and receive the greeting.

(I’ll be honest though- she was way more excited to see John when he came through the door- or maybe she was just so excited that it was both of us that she was overflowing with joy at that point. Not sure. The later makes me feel better.)

My mom watched her today which was great. I would never have been able to spend my first day away from Afton with such peace had it not been for her presence. She made chicken wild rice soup for us and after we ate she shoed us out the door to go on a date. A coffee shop with our books and headphones sounded good to us- John is working through a master’s level course on discipleship training right now and had some homework and I wanted to work on a few things myself and unwind from a crazy day so we settled on sitting next to each other being uninterrupted by baby for the first part of our date. The next part involves talking through his pros and cons list about various locations for upcoming missions trips.  We know communication is key. We just also both need quiet time and we can appreciate being in each others presence in silence. I love that about our relationship.

So there are my windows. One window you will not find open is Facebook. Last wednesday some of my 11th grade small group girls and I decided to take a break based on a conversation we’d had about eliminating distractions from our lives and anything that is hindering us from staying the course and keeping our eyes on the purpose of following Christ. It’s been a good break and peer pressure has definitely helped me stick to my goal. Honestly, it’s so refreshing to not know about everyone else’s business (only to pretend that you don’t so not to come off as a creeper) that I just may stay off for a while more. The downside was knowing my best friend went into labor with baby no. 2 at 2am and not to be able to check facebook for pictures. Thankfully she is the best and texted pictures to my phone- just like the good ol’ days. But it made me realize how disconnected I might be if I really decide to stay away. Why does social media have to be so addicting. Love it and hate it. I’ll probably just pick up another social media platform to air my musings and one liners that have been going through my head all week. What did I do without social media when I wanted to share my humorous thoughs/opinons and stories? My roommates I suppose were the brunt of a lot of those tales. I like to think they were blessed.

Psalm 42

One of my mentors encouraged me lately to focus on mediating more at this season of my life than heavy reading. It was good advice since I have such a difficult time getting any serious reading done at this stage of life. Psalm 42 is currently my bread and butter. I could write TONS of what I’m unpacking through meditation and memorization but I’m not quite there yet. Lots of notes. Maybe more for another post.

Well, on to the next portion of our date. Here are the latest of my little auburn haired girl.





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