5 Months

Afton was five months as of yesterday!

She is now wearing a lot of 9 month clothes (partly due to the cloth diapers and partly due to her size 😉 She is such a happy girl always smiling and laughing. We think she’s very social as it seems like no matter what kind of day she’s having new faces always make her happy. She’s quite the conversationalist as well. We’re not sure what she’s saying but its apparently hilarious because she laughs at her own jokes.

Highlights of the month in photos:

Afton’s does her exercise routine in her johnny jump up while mommy gets ready for the day 🙂

Afton’s Aunt Angie and cousin Sam visited. It wasn’t long ago that I met Sam and he was her size! 


and now! 
John and his nephew, Sam. 

Loves reading…;-)


and bathing.
She also really loves this ball.
And we really love her hair.

She does NOT love this sweater.
(Doesn’t every  kid has a sweater they hate but mom loves? )
Loves her exersaucer. 


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