Milestones and Memory Lane

A weeks ago John and I had a conversation that went like this:

“Johnny! She rolled over!”

“What’s the problem? Is she ok?”

“Yes! But she rolled over for the first time!”

“Oh, I’ve seen her do that before.”

 “What?! Why didn’t you say anything?” 

 “I didn’t think it was a problem.”

A short tutorial on milestones followed.

Since he couldn’t be here for it today, I recorded Afton having her first solid feeding. Thank heavens I did. I had no idea how much cuteness would be in every bite!

She’s been interested in food for a long time. I’ve just been putting it off because I’m emotional about how quickly she is growing up. I find this emotion very strange as I can’t compare it to anything I’ve ever felt. I want her to grow up, of course, but I cannot believe how independent she  has become  in such a short time! I am frantically digging for parenting books and chucking “Caring for Baby” books aside! Just as all babies are different, I know all children are different and there is no manual…blah blah blah…but aware of my need for wisdom like never before. Parenting well is something I am not capable of doing without the Lord’s leading. 
Lord, help us train Afton up in the way that she should go so that when she is older she will not depart from it (Prov. 22:6). 

This past weekend, I happened upon memory lane. It all began as I watched my cousin welcome her baby into the world. So thankful to her for allowing me the opportunity to watch that sweet moment on video. As I watched with Afton in my lap that strange emotion I’m not used to yet welled up inside me and I bawled my eyes out. Never have I loved the look of a newborn baby so much until after I held my own. Now I understand the preciousness in a whole new way and I want to hold them all. 

The second stroll happened when I attended a banquet at my previous place of employment. I had planned to go ever since Melissa Ohden was asked to be the keynote speaker. I left feeling refreshed, invigorated and full of excitement after hearing her  incredible story as well as some very exciting steps being taken to impact the twin cities area!

The last decision to “stroll” was made on a whim.  Last Saturday we decided to visit our Alma Mater, Crown College. John had a previous student who was playing in the homecoming game and it was proving to be a nicer day than the weather man had suggested, so we hopped in the car and drove the hour west of the cities. While I realized now as a resident on the east side of the twin cities, Waconia is pretty far out there, I did enjoy the drive sipping coffee and listening to Afton giggle and talk. Two memories came to mind as we drove- the first was of many trips back from home during the fall. A familiar feeling crept in of the excitement to get back to school and also the familiarity of home sickness.

The other memory was of last year as John pulled me out of the house in the midst of my dreadful morning sickness telling me going out to Crown for homecoming would take my mind off of how sick I felt. It wasn’t the case. (To this day I can’t look at the sweater I was wearing because it still makes me nauseous. ) I was awkward with everyone we ran into because all I could think was “I hope I don’t vomit here. Not here. Please God! Not here.” ) Oh the joys of pregnancy! I don’t think anyone picked up on it. Most people did look surprised when we walked into the football stadium (yes, Crown has one now) with a stroller.

It was a fun time. I love showing Afton off. She smiled and entertained all she met. When it started to rain we left to grab coffee at Mocha Monkey. Second to Crown, this place holds some of the most precious times between John and I. This is where the “DTR” happened and many since. It’s where he held my hand for the first time. It’s where we studied the one and only class we ever had together-the one we met in. It’s where I decided on a major. It’s where I wrote many a paper for said major. It’s where I met with my internship supervisor (now dear friend) for staff meetings…oh the list goes on and on. And now its where I’ve spent a rainy Saturday afternoon with my family of three.


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