‘Autumn’ in Black River Falls

(The dreadful pun above is dedicated to the pun master (and my father) Brule Buselmeier. Enjoy 😉

We are enjoying this beautiful rainy fall morning…at home! It’s miraculous. The last few weeks have flown by with the student ministry year beginning and all that comes with it. I (Autumn) also started a few part time jobs (thirty-one consultant, substitute teaching and occasionally babysitting for a friend). Juggling ministry, work and parenting has proved to be a huge area where we need to be trusting the Lord to guide us in how to set appropriate boundaries and priorities. There is always so much to learn in every season. Praise the Lord for His council and the wisdom He promises if we only ask.

Since I rarely have time to blog anymore, consider this Afton’s first fall / five month blog post 🙂 September was a fun milestone for us- we found out last September that we were pregnant. It’s hard to believe that was a year ago and now we sit here with a lovely little girl who is growing and changing every day. People laugh at me when I marvel at how “big” she is. They look at my little 40th percentile baby and say “she’s tiny!” I look at her and say “how did THAT come out of ME!” She is learning to roll over now, which makes naps and sleeping more difficult for our previous sleeping champion because she rolls over and often can’t figure out how to roll back onto her back. We must have trained her to know that sleeping on her tummy is a no- no just by putting her on her back every time we place her in her crib. She is quickly turning into a side sleeper…it’s just a matter of not accidentally tipping over once she gets there in which case she often ends up screaming and usually in a panic somehow ends up with her foot caught between the crib slats. After such trauma, she takes awhile to settle back down so bedtime lately has become quite the ordeal. Here is a picture of what I usually find when all is well during nap time (minus the fact that her foot is caught in the crib- which eventually woke her up).

She doesn’t usually sleep naked by the way, but being the dog days of summer we’ve been trying not to run the air conditioner. Who knew October would still feel like summer! It’s a beautiful thing. We’ve also switched back to cloth diapers now that we are staying put for awhile and not planning to travel much. Thanks to my sweet sister in law Rachel, we have been able to add to our meager supply and I know feel very confident in my cloth diapering routine. (Note to any potentially sitters- we keep a supply of disposables on hand just for you 🙂 
Speaking of traveling, this past weekend I had the lovely opportunity to visit my home town after a few months. Black River Falls in the Fall is one of my favorite things so throughout our marriage I usually plan a trip alone during a weekend I know John will be away. This year it happened to coincide with a Parkview Church event called “Fall Field Day- an outreach to outdoors men in our area that involves a silent auction, wild game feed archery and trap shooting. In the past I would come home from college for this event to nurse my ego from years past of being called “Annie Oakley by a number of my dad’s friends. Apparently I’m not as good behind a bow as I am behind a shot gun 😉

My dear friend Kayla, who traveled with me, was a natural 🙂

Kayla, fascinated with my country upbringing, continued to ask me questions such as:
 “Do you know how to milk a cow?” 
“Well where do you go for milk?” 
 “Into town.” 
She tried to get me to say that as many times as she could. 
Afton enjoyed her time as well. It was delightful to watch her discover apples while we picked from the tree that my dad and I planted in our yard 15 years ago.

Thankful for a lovely time in Black River. I didn’t want to leave. A pie making day is in my future with lots of apples waiting in my kitchen from home!


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