Afton’s First Summer (Months 2 through 4)

Month 2

July 4th weekend Afton took her first trip to Wisconsin for a Kodes family reunion at Autumn’s parents home in Black River Falls. It was a wonderful time and even as little as she was- she did a wonderful job. She met many relatives and was passed around a lot giving mommy and daddy a fun little break. During July Afton also started sleeping through the night- unfortunately for her daddy, it happened to be when he was gone on a missions trip with 30 students who did not get to sleep through the night. He texted me intending to brag about getting 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I was delighted to inform him that I’d had 8. She now sleeps 10 hours at night folks. PRAISE. THE. LORD. That is the only reason I am sane enough to write anything down.

Other fun things she/we learned this month:
How to hold a toy in her hand (she)
How adorable she looks in a swimming suit (we)
How to release and let her go to the nursery (we)

Month 3
August held many adventures for the Anderson family. It began with a trip to Door County, Wisconsin to see Autumn’s side of the family and ended with the annual trip to Hayden Lake in Danbury, MN to John’s family cabins. Afton is SUCH a good traveler! Good thing since our legacy kind of has to do with traveling and we just can’t seem to stay put (John and Autumn got to know each other while on tour with a worship band in college and LOVE traveling (doesn’t matter where!) As long as she was fed and changed she happily entertained herself until nap time. What a trooper…
Our trip was filled with many wonderfully welcomed stops to see friends made on John’s internship in Mequan, WI, friends from college in Appleton, WI and friends from our previous church in Kiel, Wisconsin. It was fun to reconnect with our eastern Wisconsinites!
We enjoyed many wonderful dates together while in Door County taking full advantage as parents of the first grand baby. My (Autumn’s) parents and grandparents were delighted to spend some time with Afton and have some fun grandparents/grandaughter adventures of their own. We went Kayaking, hiking and mini golfing and were able to explore some of our favorite places from a summer spent there while dating- including the place he proposed! 🙂
August ended with a trip over Labor Day weekend to Hayden Lake where Afton completed her first overnight camping trip 🙂 She loved watching the campfire and slept great that night all bundled up! We are so proud (and thankful) that she did so well. We also took her hiking AND she went swimming for the first time! Annd by swimming I mean we held her in the water- she loves it. Bath time is STILL her favorite activity. If it wasn’t an obvious invasion  of her privacy and a complete internet/parent no-no I would be delighted to show you videos of how excited she gets, but I’m betting its not nearly as awesome to everyone else as it is to us. We’re first time parents ok? Everything she does is the coolest/funniest/cutest thing 🙂 
Unfortunately, pictures only do her so much justice, but we’re sure you’ll get the idea.
Other fun things she/we learned this month:
How easy cloth diapers are (we)
That Autumn can babysit 2 children this age and keep them alive- and have fun (we)
How to belly laugh (she) 
How to roll (she)
How to “inch worm” (she)
How to do rasberries/smacking noises with her mouth (she)
That she is teething (we)
That she is 14 lbs! (we)

Dear friends Lenay and Stuart! Stuart made Afton belly laugh for the first time!

This girls hair is out of control. 

The Rettlers- Dear friends and John’s host parents while living in Mequon. 

3 Months!

Tummy Time!

Hayden Lake

Gramma face!

Month 4 

Happy 4 months to our sweet girl! ( Saturday, September 14th)


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