Two Months Old

Our beloved Afton was two months old this past Sunday. 
She truly gets cuter every day. I can’t get over her and I can’t believe she’ll only continue to grow more beautiful. We pray that she will be like a tree planted by a river bank with her roots deep in truth and that she would constantly bear the fruit of the Spirit. 
Poor Johnny has been missing her this past week as he is on a missions trip. We are so supporting him in prayer as he felt led to plan and lead this trip over a year ago, but we miss him so much and he misses his baby!

Afton and I have been staying with my parents in Wisconsin and are enjoying a lot of the benefits of new, smitten grandparents and uncle who will do literally ANYTHING for baby time. 

I was able to go for a motorcycle ride with my dad,  go boating on the Mississippi AND the Black River and go out for brunch with a dear friend… ALONE! Such a privilege no one ever told me I’d so enjoy. For an introvert, suddenly having a human that never leaves your side is kind of a big deal. I LOVE IT, but, I really appreciate when someone I know, love and trust says “I’ll take her!” and they mean it. 🙂 Once I actually LEAVE (yes, I’m that crazy mom that keeps coming back to tell them where this and that are and makes sure they have my number written in 12 places and on their head) it’s so fun to come back to that sweet face. 🙂 
Note: Missing her could take place after twenty minutes…. Sometimes at night I miss her…or when I’m driving in the car and she’s in the back seat and I can’t hold her. I literally can’t get enough of this girl!) 
So, that said, poor Johnny.I’m sure her face has changed in a week and my back tells me that this cuddle bug who insists on snuggling most of the time (INSERT PLUG FOR THE BABY BJORN, THE MOBY AND THE SOON TO ARRIVE ERGO-ALL OF WHICH I LOVE FOR DIFFERENT REASONS) has grown in poundage for sure. She also, conveniently, began sleeping through the night when John left so this momma is actually sleeping better than her hubs, who is leading a 7 day missions trip with teenagers. 🙂I’m still debating whether or not I should tell him. He keeps bragging about sleeping 6 hours with out interruption and I just can’t bring myself to tell him I’ve slept 8.
But, she’s awake now, God bless her, just as I sit down for coffee. 
It’s ok. I missed her anyway. More later on how I feel about her growing up. 

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