Thoughts on the Month of June

June flew by. I cannot believe we are coming up on two months with our sweet baby Afton. It’s been a challenging but joyful journey so far. We frequently make comments like “You know you’re a new parent when…” followed by obscure conversation about how many bowel movements she’s had, how excited we are when she burps, and the best system of how to___ you fill in the baby related blank. We realize that once we think we know something, she’s always going to change it up on us. We’re still hoping to figure out a schedule, although of course we have one of sorts- we’re hoping it will soon be a bit more consistent. I do think it’s safe to say that we have a good sleeper! She now sleeps through the night consistently. Praise God!

one month old!

The best two pieces of advice I’ve received are:
 1) do NOT make to do lists in the first two months after baby comes. If you do you’ll feel like a failure but if you must, write down things like fed her, changed her diaper, took a nap to ensure that you can actually check things off! ( Note: I started this blog entry at the beginning of June and am finishing it at the end of July. Case in point.)
2) Go on a date as soon as you possibly can after having your baby. If you can’t bear to leave her, have your mom (or someone you trust) watch her while you go in another room and have coffee and talk UNINTERUPTED. This is very important. You will probably feel guilty, but you just have to realize that she’ll love you for loving each other. That’s how she got here in the first place 😉

Heading out on our first date since baby (happened to be our anniversary too!)
June brought many welcome visitors our way! We are so glad for the guest bedroom/open loft area and only wish it had a door so that people would stay longer 😉 We had a dear family friend, Ruth, on her way out to Switzerland visit us and offer to watch Afton for us while we went out for coffee. What a blessing little dates are. So much needed. You don’t realize how precious those little things are (even things like riding in the car together without interruption because she’s in the carseat) until they are more few and far between.

dear ruth with afton
anna meeting afton for the first time
afton meeting great grandma b.
afton meeting papa great and nana great
meeting aunt angie and cousin sam
afton with pawpaw
afton with grandpa anderson
Both our moms and many other friends and family came to bless us and meals were provided through our church friends. Such welcome interruptions to long monotonous first few weeks. We LOVED visitors. 
grandma anderson
My sweet little brother, who is finishing up college at Moody Bible in Spokane, WA flew in at the end of June for my cousin’s grad party and stayed with us for a few days prior. What a grown up Godly, wonderful young man he has turned into. I was SO richly blessed by his presence as he did dishes for me, cleaned, washed laundry, FOLDED laundry and even MADE MY BED, not to mention volunteering to watch Afton so I could shower and read alone and changing the dirtiest of all diapers during that time. He’s clearly smitten with his niece. What a wonderful blessing he was to us all.

uncle garrett
My mom also came almost every weekend throughout the rest of May and June and did countless projects around the house for me. She refinished an old coffee table I had bought that I absolutely love, steam cleaned my carpets and let John and I go out on dates. My mom definitely has the gift of helps and I’m so thankful God has allowed me to benefit from it. Not a trait I picked up on myself, but one I love to receive! 😉 In return, I think she and Afton have a special bond. Nani is one person that can make Afton laugh the most!

nani making afton laugh
Other June milestones included Afton’s first smile (and many since), her first trip across the border to Wisconsin, she began tracking things with her eyes and she started gaining weight! (YAY!!!) =-) June also revealed Afton’s love for baths. We know we’re in for a boat load of smiles when it’s bath time, no matter what kind of day she’s had. 🙂
afton started smiling…a lot!
she LOVES bath time

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