May 14th, 2013


Since having our sweet Afton Rose, we have been pretty much just learning to be parents. Many times I’ve thought, goodness, I would just love a few minutes to catch up on blogging, but time has not permitted! Today it has, and to clear my head and reminisce on the last few months, I am planning to do at least a double header here =-) First, I want to tell you the story of Afton’s birth!

May 8th, her due date came and went. Although I told myself early on in my pregnancy not to hold tightly to my due “date” but think only about the fact that her due month was may, I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed when she didn’t come on her Nani’s birthday. I hoped mother’s day might bring my welcome bundle, and I cried when it did not. We spent the afternoon on mother’s day with John’s family at his youngest sisters house playing games and talking- it was a good distraction. Later that evening my parents came to our house in hopes that they would be there for her big debut. I tried to talk them out of it saying that I felt it may be a waste of time, but I was so glad they came for the distraction. I was so uncomfortable.

What a strange feeling waiting for your baby to arrive is, after the due date. It was hard for John too as we both felt each day come and go thinking that could have been it. We went for a hike on Sunday (that’s right- huge preggo went hiking- i really wanted this baby OUT!) and on Monday morning I went to the pre-natal appointment I had scheduled hoping I’d get to cancel it because she would come. The mid-wife I spoke with on the phone most often said there was nothing going on at the hospital (imagine that) and came to my appointment even though she was not the one I had scheduled with. She said she was just curious to see what was going on 😉 At this time I was having contractions inconsistently and far apart. I had been up for two nights timing them anyway because for some reason I was afraid I would miss it. That seems hilarious now! Mary told me that things were progressing and that she wouldn’t be surprised if I had the baby soon, but we scheduled an induction for the coming friday just in case. We went home after stopping at the grocery store for watermelon (I couldn’t get enough!) and had lunch. I took a short nap while John and my dad went to the gym to work out and my mom cleaned for me.

When I got up I sat in my baby’s room in the rocking  chair imagining what life would be like when she was in my arms. My mom joined me and sat on the floor. We both sat in silence. Finally she prayed that the baby would come soon and quickly so that she and my dad could be there. They both had to work the next day and really wanted to be there with us. Moments later I had my first REAL contraction. A tear rolled down my face and my mom just looked at me for a minute and then laughing said, “I told you you wouldn’t “miss” it ;-)” Things progressed very quickly the rest of the night until it was time to go the hospital. I labored at home from 6pm until midnight to ensure I wouldn’t be sent home. When we got to the hospital I was dilated at a 6 and I was having terrible back labor so it felt like I was having a contestant contraction. I labored in the tub for quite a while, then asked for an epidural. I was so glad I did. I felt I had not energy left and things were not progressing. They told me to sleep but I was wide awake shaking for hours and still feeling a lot of pain in my back.

The next morning they had me try a few different positions to get the baby turned around since she was faced sunny side up- hence the back labor. By 10am they came back in to check on me and the mid-wife could see our baby’s head! She said it was time to push (finally!) All I could think about as she got ready was the fact that I was going to meet my baby…TODAY. I remember not being able to get ahold of my body because I was shaking so much- probably a combination of the pain, excitement and complete exhaustion. They took my temp and I had a slight fever so they said I should try to get the baby out in under a half hour so they could wait to administer more antibiotics. She was out in 19 minutes! They placed that sweet little girl on my belly directly and her eyes and mine locked. She was screaming and it was music to my ears. She was wide awake, alert, so strong holding her head up looking right at me! She was kicking her legs trying to crawl up toward me and I remember thinking it was so strange that now I felt her on the outside and thinking- that’s what that motion looks like that I’ve been feeling for nine months 🙂

 John followed the nurses as they took her measurements and wrapped her up. He didn’t leave her side and they had to ask him to let go of her hand while they weighed her which he reluctantly did. We tried to nurse right away and she was
a champ! Soon after her PawPaw (my dad) came in to meet her which was a beautiful picture. He prayed for our new little family and then he and my mom left.

That day, May 14th around 10am, my life changed forever when that little seven pound fifteen ounce bundle was placed in my arms.

“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” Psalm 127:3-5


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