The Waiting Game

Got up early this morning to enjoy delicious apple cinnamon oatmeal with almond milk (my favorite thing right now) home made by my hubby, ice water, the smell of spring and the look of the beautiful green grass outside of my window. It’s a “wouldn’t-you-say-life-is-beautiful” kind of morning. A quick check of Facebook to see who else has had their baby was a must as well. We are in the middle of a waiting game mixed with the joy that she hasn’t come yet because we’re enjoying a lot of mommy/daddy dates that will be a lot harder with baby in tow.  The processing of this life change has been months in action- the fact that our lives are changing is sure, but we won’t know how much until she gets here. Our lives have already changed at the fact that she exists- and makes herself known so well- in our every day lives, especially mine! Her little personality is fun to guess at as she rolls around in the womb. Days that she is especially active I often tell her dad that she must be more like him 😉

Her nursery is set. A crib that we love and a matching changer set from John’s parents reminds me of the bed john built me only about 3 years ago as a wedding gift, a basket full of bows on the wall for my beautiful little princess,  many adorable clothes (compliments of some stylish students we know) folded and hung and a bag by the door for when “it’s time,” a shabby chic style dresser that was my grandparents refurbished into a piece of adorable baby furniture by my mom “Nani,” a frame that holds the “Mother’s Prayer” — a piece in my mom’s kitchen for years, refurbished also by Nani, and a beautiful  nursery chair purchased by Nani, her sisters and my grandparents. So thankful. Now we just wait to bring her home!

Another appointment today reminds me of the waiting game that we play. Nightly dreams cause me to second guess whether she’ll be born early, on her Nani’s birthday- as expected- or will wait a few weeks to make her appearance. Her busy sometimes seemingly frustrated movements make me wonder if she’s as ready to come out as we are to have her here.


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