Did I forget to mention?

Our lives are changing forever. The Anderson Adventure just took another crazy turn. Surprised? Probably not by now. If you’ve been following this blog for the two years that it’s been in existence, you have seen a lot happen in a small span of time. We’ve stopped counting addresses and moves that have happened in one year. Now we are simply soaking up the time of “stillness”living in one place and are beginning to accept the fact that our version of “settling down” and God’s are totally different =-) Likewise our definitions of adventure differ. How wonderful. I wouldn’t change what I’ve learned- the surprises, the irony, the stories, the pain and the joy along the journey so far for ANYTHING. John agrees. 
Three months ago we enjoyed some time at Afton State Park together soaking in the last rays of summer, exploring new hiking trails and going for one last swim in the river before the leaves began to change. We spoke of the highs and lows of the past year and we spoke of the future and what could be coming. We agreed that we were experiencing a healthy thankfulness for the fact that things might be what we called “normal.”
God has a sense of humor. Duh.
We found out later that day that I was pregnant. (Even as I type this, I laugh out loud!)
Although it wasn’t quite “our timing” to be honest, I find much more peace in that. The God of the universe decided- like he always does- against all of what we’ll call “the odds” to create this little one. To surprise us with the joy of this little one! To begin a brand new adventure close to where our family and friends can support us and encourage us and pray for us as we seek to raise this child up to love and honor the Lord’s statutes. 
We are thankful. 

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