Amsterdam & ecreamery

Tried a new eatery called “Amsterdam”  this afternoon with our friend Koob. He’s been wanting to take us for some time now. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to day to head to Dundee area and check it out. Apparently the story of this place is that the owners took a trip to Europe and ate at a Kabob place that they could not get enough of, so much so that they decided to open there own restaurant serving strictly Kabobs and Falafels-salads and sandwiches- and they seem to be very successful-the place was packed the entire time we were there. Kind of a hole in the wall but the food is great! I ordered the garlic Kabob and had a few of Koob’s curry fries, taking  most of the sandwich home with me because it was HUGE.

We also enjoyed ecreamery which was just down the street– apparently they are well known all over the country! Check it out– we loved it! 

Tonight holds plans of dinner with an old friend of mine that I have not seen since I was 13! Somehow our paths have crossed again and we found out that we both live in Omaha, she with her husband and three children- and apparently we go to the same church =-) I’m very much looking forward to seeing some familiar faces tonight and meeting her adorable children. =-)


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