Snot and Snow (also Nyquil which may have had an influence on said title and content)

Well I guess all good things must come to an end…is that a proverb? Who says that? It’s really depressing I think.

I say that in reference to the now 20 degree snowy, windy weather (I know it’s January but don’t blame me for enjoying the 65 degrees of yesterday) and the streak of health I have been on for the last 8 months-hence the title. This past Monday through Wednesday held great plans of running off together to some hotel deep in the middle of nowhere- Iowa- to enjoy our time off until another crazy 6 day 24 hour on-shift began…but, God had other plans to cause us to slow down and enjoy our little home here on 52nd street. Poor Johnny has been in need of a manly project and I have been hoping to do some housewarming but with work have had little time even to fully unpack. So, with our Christmas TJ Maxx gift card in hand we decided to try our luck at finding some affordable drapery. I’m afraid I wasn’t much help but John’s interior design skills really came out as he insisted on some fashionably detailed curtain rods and some lovely blue drapes that I think will nicely offset our bedroom colors! He’s hanging them right now and  although they certainly need some ironing, that will have to come later,  because right now I’m going to settle down on my couch with my favorite blanket and pillow and watch date night before heading to bed for an early day tomorrow…

Which reminds me to ask for prayers! John and I have both undertaken new and greater responsibilities here at OHB and with our new roles come new supervisors, treatment teams and assistants. We will be starting our new positions tomorrow and could use your prayers as we are slightly intimidated but also very excited to see what God will do through us. Thanks!


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