Here we are!

It seems like every time I begin another blog it starts with…”it’s been awhile.” Well, once again, it HAS been awhile. So, to whoever actually reads this, sorry for the delay and thanks for the patience.

It’s been two weeks since we’ve arrived at our new home here in Omaha. Since our arrival, we’ve had the opportunity to meet up with a few friends from college that live close, but mostly we have been swamped with pre-service and on the job training here at Omaha Home for Boys (which from now on I will likely be refer to as OHB).

God has answered many prayers with this place. We like the area- for those of you unfamiliar with the area- it’s known for it’s MANY fine eateries. One of our traditions is to try  new local restaurants on dates. I don’t think that will be a problem here.

It’s been a little more difficult to find things to get involved in besides eating. πŸ˜‰ Nebraska isn’t known for it’s mountains, so a trip to CO might be necessary for this years downhill ski trip…that or WI which sounds funny, but we do enjoy the prospect of a new Granite Peak tradition with John’s brother and his family.

I forgot to mention the college sports scene here in O. Very big. Who knew anyone could care so much about college football? I thought I’d seen the crazy fans when I moved to Green Bay area…apparently not. But we have no problem cheering on the Huskers…or the Creighton Blue Jays-who we had the opportunity to watch last weekend.

As far as churches, John and I are still hopping. We did visit our friend Koob who works as an intern at Christ Community- one of the largest churches in the Christian Missionary Alliance. It was fun to visit and see some familiar faces from Crown =-) Koobie also, randomly happens to live on the North side on Omaha, where we live and work. Ironic since he and i were neighbors when we lived at Crown in faith village. After he gave us the rundown of the crime over the weekend, he said “welcome to the neighborhood Buzz (my nickname from college) We’re not in Faith Village anymore.” I still chuckle when I think of it, but it is true. We went from the very small town  of Kiel, Wisconsin to living and working on a campus that is surrounded by the ghetto. It took us awhile to realize the stigma “North O” had attached to it, but you would not believe how many locals give me a double take when I give them my address. We are completely safe here on “the hill.” The campus has been outfitted with the best security, and overall, it’s said that OHB is honored among the locals. “They know we are doing a good thing.” I’m so proud to work here and to work with this amazing staff who has the same goal and crazy love for these kids and their families. I am truly blessed.

We would LOVE your prayers as we finish up our last few days of pre-service next week, then prepare to transition into on the job training in the Patton cottage. This is yet another blessing to us, because the staff at the Patton is a couple that we have already picked out as our model couple. They have been here for 3 years, have a beautiful little girl and one on the way, are believers and he also used to be work in the church as a youth minister. They have a heart for these kids and we love their style. We’re really looking forward to training with them and feel very blessed to have the opportunity.

We are getting  ready for dinner- found out we have another friend in the area- John’s old college roomate, who will be joining us for dinner. Before I go, here I some photos of our new home, so you can picture us when you pray!

Our Home (Scott)

I am so thankful that we still have fall here in NE!

Youth and Family Services Building- where we work.

Add caption

This is the Patton where we will be doing our on the job training

The deck. We can see literally for miles up here, from the “skyline” of O all the way to IA.

Business building

Our house!

The skyline of Omaha


2 thoughts on “Here we are!

  1. Autumn, how exciting! My husband's family lives just across the border from you in IA and his dad teaches at Creighton. When we're in the area some time, I will look you up and maybe we can meet up! πŸ™‚ God bless you in your new adventure.


  2. Hey sista – it was good to read your blog & see what's happening with you guys! The pics are beautiful – can't wait to come visit πŸ™‚ I'm praying for you both & love you lots!! – Sonja


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