On top of the World

Truly…i am. I am in love with the state of Washington and my husband who so lovingly gave me the gift of a vacation to see my dearest Garrett. Everything in my life is beautiful right now, except for the fact that I am now down to two nights left. The free spirit in me wishes we could pack up and move here…forever. 😉 But the college graduate in me knows that the better choice is to stick with the already decided move to Omaha Nebraska- the life change that sparked this little adventure I am on.

A month ago when John and I visited Omaha Home for boys, we fell in love with what we believe is God’s will for our lives right now. We were both offered jobs there, and after much prayer- and a promise from Johnny that I could fly to Washington first–we accepted two very exciting job  opportunities. We will be moving on October 28th and beginning pre-service training the following Monday. Yes, the great state of Corn-heads will be our new home. Who would have thought? Neither of us, that’s for sure, but we’re thrilled with the prospect of a new adventure and VERY excited to work with the staff and most of all the kids/families in Omaha.

That said, let me remind you of the good gifts God gives to his children. John reminded me of that by sending me on this trip but in a larger scale, I feel this is the perfect way to wrap up a beautiful time of the Lord refreshing my heart and my soul. I am grateful beyond words. He is good,…so good and knows exactly what we need. He delights in giving good gifts to his children.

So here I sit, soaking up the Spokane sunshine (appartently it’s known for how little it rains and how much it shines here! Annd, how friendly locals are!…which I’m attributing to their intake of vitamin D.)

I tried to find a local coffee shop, as is my tradition when in a new city, but since the one Garrett suggested is closed, I snuggled into the safe haven of Starbucks which once was very local–one more reason to love this state 😉

It’s more than the state of Washington though. I’ve been here before. It’s a lesson that I believe the Lord is teaching me. The theme of this weekend for me has been one of overcoming fears. One fear of mine is flying.  I hate it for more reasons than most- and being in the sky is surprisingly not part of the problem. It’s the airport, the landing, and not being able to see where I’m going or where I’ve been. Put plainly, it’s the lack of control I have when I subject myself to air travel. It is humbling for me to be seated next to someone who can tell that I am anxious and takes it upon themselves to “distract me” during the flight. What a comfort though to land after two flights safely in the little airport of  Spokane and see my brother’s Jeep pulled in to pick me up at baggage claim. Words cannot express my joy!

Another fear conquered happened when Garrett took me climbing with he and two wonderful friends of his (Brady and Ian). Before I knew it I was all geared up to climb one of the biggest boulders I have ever seen–however, I was told these were the “beginner rocks.” Of course I’ve always wanted to climb real rocks and of course I wanted my brother to be proud of me, and of course I climbed to the top and was thrilled, but when the time came to “let go”  “lean back” and repel down the cliff….well, that was humbling also. After some coaxing, and the three men being just so kind and comforting I finally leaned back in my harness entrusting myself completely to my “baby” brother’s belaying skills and conquered yet another of my fears…=] The cheering that ensued brought tears to my eyes because I felt not only their joy and encouragement, but also the joy of my Father because that small step represented so many larger steps in our relationship. I love my Abba so much.

As far as John’s adventures, he is having a wonderful time visiting his family and friends and “saying goodbye” before we leave. He is spending some refreshing time at one of his very favorite spots, his families cabins at Hayden Lake, Wisconsin. He and our friend Alan Hall have been fishing today and I received a picture message from Alan of some very big bass that they caught! I’m so happy that my John is  having a blessed time too. =]

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

Photos of my trip are posted at http://www.facebook.com/autumn.rose21. Enjoy!


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