The Dog Days of Summer

I love to cook =] Thought I’d share with you what was on the menu tonight…

 <—-That, is one of the many reasons I love the farmers market and lucky for me there are quite a few random family run markets sprinkled throughout Black River Falls. The man who sold me these beauties was Amish and his name was Ben.

                           And this———————–>
is the finished product. Probably one of my favorite summer meals of sauteed veggies-with lots of color. (Ben was fresh out of red peppers except for that one which I strategically placed on top for the sake of this picture, but you get the idea.

There was also delectable  chicken (it’s not braggin’ if it’s true) marinated in a tomato basil cream sauce, along with a modified  fettuccine sauce on vegetable  noodles. There is no picture because the picture didn’t show it justice and I didn’t want to show you an icky food picture. Icky food pictures are the worst…

I love food, and icky food pictures just ruin food for me…like the time I saw a picture of a “well-balanced meal” in my health book that was obvoiusly taken in the 70’s….I couldn’t eat carrots, broccali, or turkey sandwiches for a month. Gross.

But back to nice things and good food…we had a perfect sunday afternoon with two of our friends last weekend. A picnic in  the yard with chicken wings of multiple seasonings, boiled cheesy  garlic potatoes, yummy fruit, green salad (complete with avocado -my current obsession) and s’mores by the fire- after a visit to the swimming hole during which Jackson (my adored dog) created many an awkward yet memorable moment. We found out he loves kids so that’s good…he also thinks that anyone running is inviting him on an adventure, thinks it’s fun to check babies diapers (cutest thing :P) and loves the water…so, so much.

When we first arrived there, I relished the various compliments  of  how well behaved he was. I may have taken a little pride in that since he’s kind of my project right now. In previous visits this swimming hole was kind of a secret, or so we thought. It’s a kayak landing nestled into the trees on the river, so I was rather  surprised to see a group of people camped out along the bank of “my swimming hole.”  But upon Jackson proving his love for water and his distain of leaving it even for the sake of re-leaving himself, that problem was quickly solved… =/ How embarrassing. There was an audible groan followed by parents grabbing their children and…really it was just a horrible occurrence… Please don’t judge me for my dog’s behavior…also please believe that was truly horrified, but I couldn’t help but laugh…a little..ok a lot. It’s just that this kind of thing usually only happens to me and I find the luck (or lack there of) in my life just humorous. After 23 years of living this way- one makes due.

Hoping this is not a sign of my parenting skills. If there is any question please note: my parents are the proud legal owners of Jackson, the dog who *flunked  leader dogs school.

*Jackson actually did not flunk. He’s very intelligent and actually passed all of his tests. The only problem was that he didn’t bond with the person he was supposed to be paired up with to lead. We certainly didn’t mind getting him back =]


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