Autumn’s New Blog

Hello all!

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? The A-Team has undergone a lot of transitions within the last few months, the main one being our big faith step of moving! Many of you have been so sweet to ask for updates and to continue in prayer for us,  and I’m sorry but at this time, while there are many things we are praying over, there is not just one main leading as of yet.We feel it’s best that instead of telling you each step along the way, we simply ask you to pray for God’s leading in our lives, as you’ve been doing. It’s such a blessing to have soo many of our dear friends and family praying for us! We promise to update you when we know!

Right now we are safely tucked away on what feels like a little sabbatical to us. My parents, graciously offered for us to stay here in Black River rent free while we wait on God. I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been to not feel hurried into a making a decision. Ministry jobs are not the kind of jobs you want to take without careful consideration and much prayer!

Friends, we’ve been just blessed by God in more ways than I can tell you through this summer. Almost as soon as we came here, God provided work for John with Davis furniture ( a company two miles from our house) to build church pews, stadium seating, etc. and install it. He is learning so much about wood working and LOVES it.
Remember the bed he build me for our wedding?

He’s hardly been able to do wood working since, and has had such a desire to grow in his knowledge of this hobby.

 I would venture to say that other than the long hours and coming home a bit dirtier than he did from the office, to him,  it hardly feels like work!

The past month I had the opportunity to work with my brother at the water park in our home town (as an 8 yr. vet, i might add ;-). It was fun to be back and to have the opportunity to work with and see my brother, who made a great boss/ head lifeguard.

Me and Garrett

I also had the chance to help a friend at Parkview with the drama section of vacation bible school this month. It was a western themed week and we had SO much fun doing it. It was a great script broken into 5 days, and on Sunday, we put them all together and did the drama for both services.

This is a photo of our set.

and this….

…is an epic photo of my mom being lassoed by my friend, Paul.  

In other news, I wanted to let you know that while I may not be  updating our “family” blog as often right now, I  am working on my creative writing, and started an additional blog in April entitled UndignifiedI created this blog in an effort to practice my creative writing style, stretch myself theologically, and to encourage other worship leaders, ministry leaders and brother’s and sister’s in Christ to be raw and real without letting go of their doctrine and theology. I’m currently writing a series on the Emergent church fad called “I’m Just Being Real.” I’d love for you to check it out and totally appreciate constructive feedback.

That’s life with the A-Team (sorry, i’m the cheddery-est of cheeses with that title, but i love it.)
Have a wonderful day and thanks for praying with us!


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