Date Night

One of my very favorite things of late is Friday night- date night. Life has gotten a lot busier since I took a full time job in Sheboygan and though I truly love my job, I really miss those early afternoons and evenings with my husband.
During the girls nap on Friday I interviewed Dana, a local of Sheboygan, hoping she would have some new places for us to add to our GPS for date night. After she provided me with her favorites along with catagories to help me decide, I texted John some websites so he could make the final decision between Italian on the Lake or Sushi on 8th St.

After bidding the girls goodbye for the weekend I slipped on my sunnies and turned up the radio as is  my Friday after- work custom. Pulling into my driveway I was delighted to see a boyish Johnny practicing his fly-fishing in the front yard =] Sidenote: This week he bought his WI fishing license and has been pouring over the manual like it’s the Bible. Yes, I would venture to say he’s in need of a vacation.

When he saw me he greeted me with a big smile and kiss and a story  about his perfect afternoon disking with a friend followed by ice cream. I was still sitting in the car at this point and he put his left  hand on the roof to lean against the car when our perfect date night was altered by one detail he forgot to mention when giving me the rundown of his afternoon. While disking, it seemed a disk had gone into the river (not an uncommon occurance while we were at Crown) and he deemed it a good excuse to go for a swim, not knowing that THAT disc would go up in value by quite a bit following that swim…when putting his hand on the car he waited unconsciously for the “clink” of his wedding ring. Nothing. So…date night turned into a couple of calls and a shopping trip to the jewelry store to find something while we wait for a duplicate to arrive in the mail. My poor husband. Honestly I think it affected him more than it affected my sentimental self. He acted on getting another immediately after we searched the grass by the river. I mostly feel bad for him having to deal with my lecture following the event, but I share this story because as much as it bothers us both we had to laugh knowing there are far worse things than losing a wedding ring in a river.Also, to brag about how much my husband loves me. (My wise  mother gave me a little insight when I called her crying  and she asked me where John was. I said I was in “my” room and he was out looking for it… “Autumn Rose, I’m going to hang up if you don’t go apologize to that poor man right now!” Did I mention he also graciously offered to call a friend with a scuba suit after it registered to me that he could have DIED jumping in the 5 ft. deep river in 45 degree weather?

That disk might get framed for Christmas, I love my husband,  The End.


2 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. haha too funny! I yell at my Jon all the time because he plays with his ring and has dropped it close to heater registers! I tell him i won't buy him a new one… Or he puts it in his mouth sometimes…yea i don't know, its jon, and so I look at him and say he will be the one digging it out of his poo if he swallows it!


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