Cheap-o and the On-Call Nanny

I finally caved and decided to give John and hair cut. It doesn’t look great, but it’s cut. He politely said he would go get another  tomorrow and I can’t help but feel I’ve won the battle. I didn’t cut it poorly on purpose–In fact, it went exactly the way I thought it would go all along. That is why I have been insisting it’s better to pay for one upfront than pay for my mistake, but the cheap-o in him prevailed, and I felt the need to prove myself.

This morning I was scheduled for nursery duty at the church…a new role for me as is the children’s ministry in general. Thinking I had a day off from nanny duty since I have the toddler class for only about an hour, I plopped a sleepy child on my lap and pulled out the play-doe. Moments later, after the rest of the children had arrived, and everyone had their favorite color in hand, my helper and I discovered what seemed to be the first dirty diaper  toddler her nursery duty career thus far. Flipping a coin flashed across my mind, but the poor dear was only in 6th grade and has her whole life ahead of her…the obligation was clearly mine. The events that followed are really a blur of what I believe to be me trying to reason with a 2 year old that his diaper was in dire need of changing. The child who was cuddling in my lap moments ago was now making a bee line for the door somehow managing to outsmart even the creators of  One Step Ahead baby proofing. He made a dash for the sanctuary and I literally breathed a prayer that I would be able to catch him in time. I did, and from there the conversation went  something like this:
Him: “No Diaper Change! Balls!
Me: “Trust me, this is critical and as soon as we’re done, we will play with the balls.”
Him: “Pants on! No!
Me: “Did you go poopy?”
Him: [Silent, then points to other little boy] “He did it!”

Amazingly,  as I took the time to check, not wanting to be mistaken, child #1 took the liberty to dodge yet again, and hide under the table. Thankfully, child #2 was clean. Back on the chase for child #1, and yes we eventually prevailed.

Meanwhile, Child # 2 had his own very eventful five minutes. This job was not as lively as the later  but followed with child # 3 confronting me [basically] with the fact that she felt she  wasn’t getting enough attention.
She: I need my diaper changed.
Me: You do? [sniff] Are you wet?
She: No
Me: Stinky?
She: No.
Me: Well then you don’t need your diaper changed.
She: [Giggles]
Me: Did you just feel left out?
She: Yes, I did.

Needless to say, I was mistaken to believe that I would be off duty this morning as a child care provider, and yet somehow I didn’t really mind 😉


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