Rich Young Ruler

Reading through the Psalms, I’ve noticed that many of David’s most beautiful songs come out of his uncertainty of what God is trying to teach Him. My dad always reminds me of this when I’m going through something and am processing a lot. I used to write songs all the time, but lately John and I have just been hit and miss..he’ll write some lyrics and I’ll write some music, and we always mean to put them together to finish our song, but somehow never get to it. As I was trying to get some inspiration for some lyrics that have been in the back of my head, I stumbled across a rough recording of the last song we wrote together. It really applied to life life lessons I’m learning right now and I wanted to share it with you.
.it’s about ME…. and how i am learning to surrender…and how that’s a process…and i compared myself to the rich young ruler that came to Jesus and asked what he could do to get to heaven…and Jesus told him to sell everything…and FOLLOW HIM. yikes!

oh! p.s. it’s not the best recording…turn it down so the dogs next door don’t bark! lol…

Copyright Autumn R. Anderson (2011)
v1 –I came to you/ I came to see/ what you could do/ could do for me
tell me what can i do to be set free/ just wanted to reserve a seat
but i walked away/ i just couldn’t take it/ it’d be easier to die
than to give away my life/

and i sang, “blessed are they that have nothing.
v2- i tend to be a Peter/ and here I go again/
i sing “take my life you can have it all”
but then i take it back again.

Pre-Ch. I’ll fix it up/ I’ll do it all/ Jesus I got your back
but maybe something’s wrong with that picture/ I say let’s rewind again.

Bridge–Maybe I’m not dead yet/ and maybe I’m not alone/
where should I just let go/ and follow

surrender was the sweetest thing/ follow
to lean my head back on the swing/ follow
trusting and hoping i’ll follow

v3- In Christ alone my hope is found/ and I know who I am
but when it’s said and done I’m a rich young ruler
and alone i cannot stand.

Pre-Ch. so pick me up and dust me off/ jesus i want your plan
’cause when it’s said and done I am only human and
I’m not done growin’ yet.

Copyright Autumn R. Anderson (2011) 


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