Psalm 13:6

Today I’m in a top five mood as I sit down to write on this lazy afternoon…

1. Last month, I took a job with a family in Sheboygan to be their full-time nanny and have been working part time while their other nanny transitions out of their lives. They are currently on vacation in Florida  and when they get home I will  transition into the role of full-time.  This is something I certainly did not foresee when I began looking for jobs after college. However, through some humbling circumstances, the Lord has made clear that this is where I can best serve Him now and I pray that he will help me to bloom where I am planted in this season. The family is absolutely dear to my heart and very supportive/flexible with  my plans to further my education, as well as my role within the church. The job consists of being the full time private day care provider for three beautiful girls ages 5, 3 and 1. It is a joy to serve them and their family and I pray that God fills me with his love each and every day so that I can impart it to them.
2. Spring fever has set in with brute force. The 2-for-1ski resort John booked for us last month threw in free access to their indoor water park. The experience of putting last summer’s bikini, tankini, or trunks on in the middle of February is likely to offer some unwanted perspective. Also, my late preference of sweats to jeans was another clue that it was time to pull out the ol’ running tights and hit the streets! That said, John is on his usual spring detox diet with a new 17 day twist adapted from Pastor Fred and I have high hopes of running a half marathon this summer.
3. The light at the end of this cold winter tunnel came when an event that I felt most excited to be put behind me came as a refreshing surprise. A dear friend of ours who is now employed at our Alma Mater as the choir director contacted us last year to ask if KAC would be a host to the choir. I said “of course” without any hesitation, but as the event approached I became more aware of my responsibilities as the sole contact person for the choir. Setting up host homes, preparing dinner for 30 +, and the public communications of an event like this all had me worried that I would overlook the smallest of details. Yet just as He ALWAYS does, my dear Lord took complete control allowing me to simply rest in his strong arms as I soaked in the sweet, and dearly missed fellowship of  these cherished friends. The amount of encouragement  I received throughout the 24 hour period was incredible and I’m still thanking God for such a gift.
4. Following the choir’s visit, I was blessed, yet again, with a short but sweet visit from my parents. They treated us so well that I kept thinking, “Lord, I don’t deserve this all at once! Save some blessing for next month!” They came in time to meet our KAC kids, play games, worship and take part in small groups with us. The kids loved meeting the infamous “Brule” that we find ourselves referring to constantly, and I, needless to say, felt so blessed to have them take a peek into our lives here.
5. As if these two visits didn’t bless me more than I can put into words, having this week off before my change in schedule was liberating. After seeing my parents off on Tuesday, John asked what I planned to do with my week off. I did something I need to do more often. I made a spontaneous choice to visit my grandparents in Door County. A half an hour after my parents left my bags were packed and I was headed for our family vacation spot and my grandparents home near the bay. The time, though short, was packed with memories I will treasure and take with me until my next trip. Even the 2 hour drive alone was a much needed time of reflection and since I was in no hurry  I stopped along the way to enjoy the shores of Lake Michigan and revel in the magnificence of the Lord’s handiwork.
Now back on my couch as I ponder my latest escapade, I’m reminded of how my Abba knows exactly what I need and exactly when I need it. I cannot stop rejoicing in God my savior for He has dealt bountifully with me! I implore you to do the same…(Psalm 13:6)


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