Not Profound

I love watching people be in their element. Lately I’ve noticed that my husband talks a lot about his job…the other day it hit me that normally it bothers me when people bore me with facts–just facts, not feelings–about their line of work. It’s great to know the ins and outs of your work, but the counselor in me always begs the question, “But, tell me how that makes you feel!” Anyway, as Johnny was blurbing facts today about his job, trends he was noticing and so on, I realized that this information he was giving  was much more than facts to him– this topic was something he loved and that made me happy!

We all talk about things that are important to us…we all do it. But when other people talk about things that are important to them, unless we share a very common interest to theirs, or their passion is just really intriguing for some reason, we have a hard time listening, don’t we? Or maybe its just me 😉

So here’s what I’ve decided: When someone talks about something that they are passionate about and I have a hard time connecting with that passion, I’m going to choose to appreciate and hope to catch their joy. Care to join me?


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