Since Our Wedding

Hello Dear Friends and Family!

I am excited to begin a new form of communication with all of you and am sorry that it has taken so long to begin. It is definitly time to let you all know what Johnny and I have been up to following our June 26th wedding.

Many of you know that prior to our wedding John took a job as the Associate Pastor in Kiel, Wisconsin at Kiel Alliance Church. While John was there before the wedding, God provided a place for him to stay while he looked for a house for us! In the midst of working and wedding planning I was not able to get away to come on the house hunt with him, so a bit of faith was involved when he called  me saying that he had “found the perfect house.” Since there were many people waiting to rent it, he needed to make a move fast, so I said, “Go for it!” I’m so glad I did. We moved in the week following our honeymoon. God certainly does provide! He knew exactly what I would need in a place to make it feel like home right down to a bakery/coffee shop within walking distance and a picture perfect old barn (that serves as the perfect inspiration for writing) outside of my front window.

Our church family had already moved in most of our stuff which was a huge blessing and stocked our entire pantry! Our church family here is so loving and we are blessed to be a part of it.

John is enjoying his role as the associate pastor which includes both oversight of the ever growing Children’s ministry as well as the youth. He is currently teaching High School boys Sunday school on Sunday mornings, coaching the Kidz Klub leadership team  (throughout the week and mainly on Wednesday nights when they meet) and teaching for youth group on Sunday nights! This Sunday night is our Kick-off to a new year and we’re very excited about the many up coming events.

I am currently looking for work, applying like crazy and enjoying settling into my new home! I am excited about starting a young women’s bible study and mentoring a couple of individual girls in the youth group as well.I’ve also been able to step in when there is a need in worship teams.

We’ve enjoyed getting to spend time with friends and family that have been able to come and see us in our new place as well! Let us know if you’re ever in the Sheboygan/Fond Du Lac/ Appleton area!! We love to see familiar faces =]

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for our transition to Kiel to continue to be smooth.
Please pray that God will provide the perfect job for Autumn in His perfect time.
Please pray for God to give John wisdom in the oversight of the growing children’s and youth ministries at KAC.

Please also pray for us this weekend as we are leaving this afternoon for a Youth leaders Seminar with some other youth leaders in the area. Pray for safety, refreshment, fellowship and for us to learn and grow through this experience.

That’s just some information to catch  you up on our lives here in Kiel! While a lot of transition has taken place in our lives since this spring and sometimes we feel like we’ve jumped into something  we’re too young and inexperienced for we rejoice in knowing that God who called us here is FOR us!

A wise woman recently reminded me not to confuse the fear of man with the fear of God.

I believe that  we should at times find ourselves trembling not because we have great responsibility to man but because we have responsiblity to God. Pray that God would humble us when we begin to think that the task is on our shoulders alone-How prideful that is!

 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy one is understanding.” Prov. 9:10


2 thoughts on “Since Our Wedding

  1. So glad for the update! I pray the Lord continues to amaze you two as He uses you in powerful ways with the community in your new city 🙂 Autumn, I'm sure those young girls are so blessed to have you as a mentor. Blessings!-Lindsey


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